99% of the non-coached pitches suck, and it’s a really bad start

Some of us have been listening to more pitches than others and I am not talking about the Finovate shows, more like these 1:1 solicited or unsolicited gatherings where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to have quality time with a small crowd of investors or bankers.
I get it.
Personal story : we have been teaching the Business Model Canvas in many of our FinTechStage workshops, until we realised we never ran one on FinTechStage itself (and we finally set up time for it now).
In other words, especially when you are passionate by what you do and you really believe in your idea, you don’t think you even need to explain it.
Please don’t make this mistake.
Storytelling, visual mastering, content structure and energy.
You can google anywhere what a startup pitch should look like and which elements it should contain. And I believe I already wrote a post about it.
 So why on earth you are not preparing ?
No matter how passionate you are about what you do, think of this :
  • assertiveness and clarity, even if it doesn’t come natural to you, can be learned
  • it s very easy to get help in what your visuals looks like
  • there are basic elements you can’t miss, and litterature is full of “how-to” examples
  • the chances that your counterpart won’t understand your tech jargon are very high (but you must be prepared in case they do) therefore you have to trigger something with your story first
  • the “storytelling” part is what investors and clients presentations have in common: everything else is numbers and facts
It takes a while.
But if I have to resume in a single advice, never get caught “improvising”. And by improvising I don’t mean “not knowing the answer” – which can happens – but rather “breath” your story. Or get a coach for it.
Stay tuned

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