Seven facts about FinTechStage Luxembourg and announcing Milan and Amsterdam!

I have been silent for a while, and for good reasons.

FinTechStage Luxembourg took most of my energy and I am really proud with the result, achieved as a team.

Few stories on this one:

  • we had a VIP dinner the evening before the event, with roughly 100 CEOs and two ministers, and guess who sat beside the Minister of Finance in a t-shirt? Lucky me i got away with our common Italian origins and the fact that we had great discussions on the eco-system building. He is the one who abolished the banking secrecy in Luxembourg, and i believe he will remember me not only because only 3 letters differentiate my name with our own Italian prime minister.
  • at this dinner, we were asked to explain to 100 CEOs why they should care about Data, Digital Banking and Blockchain in three 10 minutes-long pitches. Dave Birch gave one of the the most hilarious and original talks I ever listened to.
  • we had a stellar line up of speakers, and i have never seen Matthias Kroener, Fidor CEO and co-founder so pissed. Pissed, really, bashing on poor business models and inflated valuations and fake innovation in banking.
  • it was the first time I actually followed a Chris Skinner presentation from the beginning to the end. It is actually quite cool.
  • it was the biggest FinTechStage ever, with 500+ attendees, and despite all malignities on these new FinTech hub fighting to get the attention, i have to say – objectively – the Luxembourg is really cracking it
  • the first day, we listened to Lux startup pitches with a number of coaches “imported” by FinTechStage in front of 100+ local bankers
  • for the second time we managed to help our favourite community of Uganda students with a 2016 batch of scholarships and we are really proud to have made this happened

we are now preparing TWO more FinTechStage, both in May:

Milan, May 5th and 6th (Conference + demo-day of the CheBanca! Italian FinTech startup contest)

Amsterdam, May 25th (Conference in the middle of the Startup Week, a week-long program with events and happening all over Holland)

Stay tuned, agenda and registrations for these events opening soon!



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