Innotribe start-up challenge, NYC

  February 8th, NYC, SWIFT Office

The Innotribe start-up challenge started with a full crowd of 30+ large Financial Institutions, as many VCs and entrepreneurs in the financial  space and 15 top start-ups pre-selected online by the Innotribe network.

I was very proud to remark that the bankers were responding and interacting with the companies with an incredible energy (and after some 1:1 conversation, I realize that many of the companies will actually be connected with the relevant department of the bank thanks to the “link” we made that day.

Quoting one of the bankers: If any of these start-ups would have tried to get in contact with me directly, it simply would not have happened. Now, I’m happy to link them with (in this case) commercial banking contacts as I see potential.

This is exactly the reason why we did this challenge.

Nex one is in SIngapore, on april 24th.

Applications can be posted os of now on

Stay tuned, more interviews, reports, videos and blog to come


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