Challenge led innovation @ SWIFT

48 hours of development, thinking, mingling, brainstorming, with a prize at stake and the whole company invited.
This Is the last baby of Innotribe, we call the Innochallenge XT.
XT because is Extra Large (Extended, better) meaning it will all happen in that 48 hours.

So in two days of a Jack Bauer life, SWIFT employees will be able to sparkle their mind off.
The reason why I am blogging about this is because this was UNIMAGINABLE only few years ago, and I consider this one of the tangible change components this company has embraced.
Tap into the collective intelligence of the employees, acknowledging ideas can come from everywhere, give a creative space and moment for these ideas to flourish, and directly contribute to the evolution of SWIFT products and services.

This means (picking of the internal article talking about the challenge):

– Time away from your desk to contribute to the shaping of key SWIFT initiatives
– A two-day intense workout for your cognitive skills
– A chance to show your other strengths
– The opportunity to hear the feedback of senior managers on your ideas
– The chance to win a unique prize for you and your team

Don’t you think it’s a great initiative?
Feels good!

Stay tuned



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