Curious about the Innotribe Belfast content ? Here it is!

I already blogged about the good reasons for you to attend the next Innotribe conference in Belfast, next June 13 and 14th.

– the network of innovators we are putting together
– the interactivity (Innotribe DNA) of the design
– the experiment of a new knowledge currency within the event (soon a dedicated blog about this)
– the “magic” of the venue (and the Titanic Expo you will be able to visit, included in the conference)

There is another reason, needless to say: the content of the conference.

Here are some highlights on the main sessions:

1- Innovation sparkles, in other words a crash course on innovation, lead by a company called Fjord, by far the most innovative company in fintech user experience and design
2- Innovation in large organizations (banks, in this case). Case studies, challenges, tips, successful experiences, failure stories you can learn from, and banks like Citi, JPM, and RBS talking about this
3- The new trends in Product Management. Incremental innovation made smarter. Processes, crowd sourcing, co-creation
4- Alternative currencies, and more specifically knowledge as a currency. The Hub Culture (the founders of the VEN currency) and a scientist working on a similar project for The Hub will lead the discussion

These are the sessions with a workshop or a Lab tied to it.

We will have also “in conversation” session, talking about “The new bank” with the CEO and founder of Bank Fidor, and new perspectives on Customer Services, with the Chairman of MetroBank.
Are Telcos cake-eaters or partners for banks? Alcatel Lucent’s head of growth strategy will run a session on this, as well as our own @petervan will talk about Digital Asset Grid (the project financed by the Innotribe incubator aiming to build a new set of identity services and apps for the financial industry)
You think Standards are boring? I did. Until we financed and our new testing platform. The founder of the initiative will share his journey.

Last piece, the startup competition. if you want to apply.
If you want to listen to the brightest innovators and early stage start ups of the fintech planet, Belfast will be the best place to be.

Go To to register, early bird discount until may 15th.

You know where to find me for more info.
Stay tuned.


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