Innotribe Start-up challenge 2013: GO!

Sitting on the floor (carpeted at least) of the Eurostar lounge. All trains delayed, and I miss my jeans and sneakers … But …

… I am very thrilled to announce that the 2013 edition of the Innotribe startup up challenge is now alive and kicking, and application window is now open, until march 3rd, on


There is some fine tuning compared to last year’s challenge, the main change being the fact that we have a single application window for the three challenges (London, Singapore, New York in this sequence) and the grand finale will be in Dubai, at Sibos.

In case one or two out of the 6 billions people on the planet who don t know that, last year Playmoolah won the Osaka grand finale … I am saying this just because I found this cool picture and I wanted to publish it ..


Some numbers of last year: 600 applicants, 300+ eligible, and over two hundred millions dollars generated in buy-out or round one financing amongst the start-ups who attended the three challenges.
200+ online judges (we thank them in advance for helping us pre-screening the companies) and 100+ financial institutions attending the competition.

“And so what?” Some of you may ask, including some of my own colleagues.

As strange as it might sound,the start-up challenge is actually a triple win:

– for start-up it s obvious (I hope): no way they can get visible/talks to so many potential customers or partners in one shot
– for banks it s compelling: no one does the hard job of identifying the best and brightest and and they come over to listen to the pitches and cherry pick the ones closer to their strategy or their needs
– for SWIFT, it does align with its mission of community enabler, positioning Innotribe as the shared utility for innovation, and give the space for a dialogue that would be unlikely to happen without this initiative

This year we have more judges, more banks to reach out to, more PR coverage (I have done two interviews just today about it) so hopefully we are set to have an even more compelling challenge.

You have a startup, in the financial services space, your company is less than three years old? You can apply. Early stage or Innovators, the limit is 1M EUR turnover OR investment.

In the coming weeks dates will be confirmed, we do know already that the first challenge will be in London mid April, then one month later Singapore and mid June New York.

The carpet is more and more uncomfortable, but I m glad I took the opportunity to share this important piece of news ;-)!

Stay tuned


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