It is time to share what my next life will look like …

I am sitting in a plane with a beautiful September sunrise, and all of a sudden my iPhone decides to play some music at me, more exactly the songs I used to listen in my 20ies, and even more exactly a song called “Incontro”… Talking about the freedom you feel when you are young, when you have no means but plenty of hope and energy, and (the song saying) when you are all grown up, your life is settled around you, you would give a lot to make love (like old times) in the back of your car, or at a movie, to grasp even for a little moment what you understand NOW being the salt of life… emotions.

My next plans are not about retire and listening to old Italian songs, but the reason for this intro is the transition the song provoked in my mind… I am about to begin another cycle, where I change EVERYTHING.

Few people know already: I have resigned from SWIFT, after 12 years of great adventures in Sales, Comms and Innovation.

My next challenge is a 100 M USD Venture Fund, called SBT VENTURE CAPITAL ( that I join as a General Partner.
We will invest mainly in Series A startups, in need of 1-10 M USD, within the fin-tech industry. In other words, not only we keep partnering with the Innotribe Startup Challenge, but I hope I will have the opportunity to stay in touch with many of the brilliant minds I have met during these 5 fabulous Innotribe years.

This is a question my kids might ask, in 10 years from now, if ever they will read these lines: what is your job about? (The only conversation I had about this with my 9YO son, I turned to be someone who s traveling the world to take pictures then selling them on Facebook).

The General Partner of a venture fund has the overall mission to make sure the fund gives back the invested money and some sizable profit to the limited partners who put the money into the fund itself. In this case, Sberbank – by far the largest Russian bank and one of the biggest banking players in the world – is the sole limited partner of the fund.
The GP job is about screening, build the deal flow (the portfolio of startups), make sure each company is vetted (financially, in their business model, and legally) and most importantly helping the companies in the fund’s portfolio with sales introductions, network, strategic insights, and some white hair in their board ( not applicable to me ).

I will start at Sibos, in Dubai, where the Startup Challenge Finale might bring good investment opportunity for us.
I will be based where the business brings me…. “where are you based?” Is an overrated question anyway.

Why do I change EVERYTHING? That s the title of my next post 😉

I will change now my, LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook profile.
For the ones who want to reach me, my mobile phone number stays the same, and if you take my first name and sbtventurecapital (.com) you can figure my email address. LinkedIn works too.

stay tuned, more news in a short while



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