Singapore challenge, another informal chronicle

Singapore, Orchard Hotel, here we are again.
The asian leg of the startup challenge (painting this animal as a strange three legs one) was again a great success.

We were not distracted at all by the nearby Orchard Tower, we stayed focus, and deliver what we can call a great event, even covered by BBC Asia (see the pic if you don’t believe it, with an unusually blushing Nektarios acting like a pro in front of the camera!)


Given the dozens of articles in the press mentioning that, you all should know by no that these are the results of the challenge:


you add a .com after all of them and you have their website (this is me lazy and not willing to embed the link… Sorry, my energy Is slowed down by a almost broken ankle in a volley tournament just after landing from Singapore).

Vibes in the room were great.


And feedback from the startup and the crowd was touchingly great. Smiles everywhere, energy, willingness to help, great team. I believe our highly technological promoter score tells the same 😉


There is no time to rest, New York is just behind the door, and we are full speed to deliver the last regional challenge.

Special mention to Nektarios and Ioana, to whom goes the vast majority of the credits for the organisation and the production of the challenge. Ioana celebrated her 30th birthday in Singapore, and I learned it will stay memorable!
Nektarios kept everything in order, dealing with a million glitches that nobody saw and this is exactly the reason why this teamwork is truly grand.

Finally, a piece of artwork: Ioana spent some jet lagged hours in playing with her iPhone 5 (that we, miserable old iPhones 4 users looked with envy) and here’s the result:


Please take good note of the frame 😉

With that, New York is calling. We have work to do!

Stay tuned


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