The informal chronicle of the Innotribe Startup London Challenge

I have just recovered from the last week in London, where – once again – we had a blast in the Innotribe start-up challenge!

By now, you all know the winners, and you can find them in the Innotribe blog

Special mention for StudentFunder has won a 6 month drop-in membership at Level39!
(The special mention has nothing to do with the elephant costume Juan Guerra used for the presentation!


The morning started with the usual mentoring session, where 6 coaches (including yours truly) trained the entrepreneurs to make their “magic” pass in their 6 minutes pitch.
Great energy, some stress, not enough food, good vibes, and time flying!

In the afternoon, in a crowded Level39 conference space, the event…

In pure Innotribe style, few pictures …

Great production crew … (Not all in the following pic, but special mention to Ioana, the best recruit of thes Innotribe year!)


Great startups … Really … And to make justice, I ll publish a pic where they are all in…


Special mention as well to Nektarios, the master of ceremony and the man behind the great Organisation of this (and the next ones) event…
Here’s a pic with both of us on stage, just after he said he would translate my English for the audience … How kind! What he does not realize is that I actually make my Italian English unique so people is forced to concentrate haha !


What else?
Well, my iPhone rebooted all by himself the day after … And I ve lost all the pics of the event I wanted to use for my blog … So will update when I will collect more …
For now, back to work… Singapore is coming !

Stay tuned


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