Why you should come to Belfast on June 13th and 14th at the Innotribe conference

Why you should come to Belfast?

– For the Innotribe networking experience.

Personally, I’ve attended more than 100 conferences (including 10 Sibos) and the challenge stays the same. Main reason why people come is to network, and very few conferences are designed for it.
You certainly meet up with people you know already, in a single place. But what if you could meet NEW people around topics you are INTERESTED in?
This is what we will plan for Belfast, and topics will be around mobility, payments, innovation processes, new currencies, product Innovation, customer services, and many more.
“how”? You should trust Innotribe for that. And if you only google us, you should perceive the difference.

For the quality of the speakers and their accessibility

A speaker usually speak then go. The more senior, the faster he/she goes.
At Innotribe, the speaker share first and then work TOGETHER with us and the audience to share more, in the Innotribe Labs.

Here’s a preview of some of the speakers already confirmed, in random order

• Steve Van Wyk, Global CIO, ING
• JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist, Salesforce
• Matthias Kroner, CEO, Bank Fidor
• Kartik Kaushik, Head of M&A, CITI
• Neal Livingston, MD, Europe, RBS
• Gautham Jain, Head of Client Access, Standard Chartered
• Linda Mc Laughlin Moore, Head of Securities Services, JPMorgan
• Andrew Davis, Head of E-channels, HSBC
• Dan Marovitz, CEO, Buzzumi
• Laura Merling, Head of Growth Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent
• Thierry Touchais, Executive Director, International Polar Foundation
• Tony Fish, Founder, AMF ventures
• Javier Perez Tasso, Head of Products and Services, SWIFT
• Peter Vander Auwera, Innovation Leader, SWIFT
• Danny Moore, Founder, Loughshore investments
• Chris Skinner, CEO, Balatroid Ltd
• Anthony Thomson, CEO, Metrobank
• Kosta Peric, Head of innovation, SWIFT
• Mircea Mihaescu, Head of Innovation, SBERBANK

For the richness of the content.

This conference has four type of session:
• Innotribe Chats: 30 min, sharp, inspiring, interview like type of session, with a great speaker and a provocative “journalist”
• Innotribe Workshop: the famous “Labs”, interactive, designed, human interaction inspired, on a give topic, preceded by a panel or a talk
• Ignite talks: one person on stage, short talk, eyes opener, out of the context thinking, a breath of fresh air for your brain
• Pure networking session: we are in process of design this one, it will be (also) outside of the conference centre, something totally new

For the Innotribe Start-up Challenge

This, alone, is a reason to come over. We will open up the stage to the 10 best early stage financial industry start-ups and the 5 brightest grownups after an online selection made by over 100 judges in the Innotribe network. You will have the possibility to give your vote, and select the two winners of a ticket to Sibos in Osaka, where the grand finale will take place to win the 50K.
More on this on www.innotribestartup.com

For the beauty and the charm of the location.

I have been fascinated by the Titanic Building, its story and the multimedia experience you can make in the Titanic museum. More info in the www.innotribe.com site or in my blog matteorizzi.com

How to register?

We have an early bird price of 665 EUR (30% discount) before may 15th. Regular price after that will be 950 EUR.

Why do we charge?

Because this is a self-sustained event, and we do it through sponsorship and delegate fee. And there is a lot of value we deliver.

To register, go to http://www.swift.com/events/2012/Innotribe_EMEA/index.page#practical

Stay tuned


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