Wrap up (and link to the video pitches) of NYC start up challenge

Time has come to wrap up the full NYC event, now that all start-up videos are online.
Ok, I should have put the whole list of start-ups pointing each one to a video, but I had no time to do it.
But If you go to the page and you are as smart as a 8YO kid, you’ll find it (tested it with my son)

Great energy, great facilitation, great content. Again.

As a reminder, 10 Early stage pitched for 6 minutes each, followed by 3 min Q&A, and 5 Late stage (called Innovators)
pitched 10 minutes during a “chat room” session (that in a nutshell is a 5 parallel pitches session with the crowd divided in smaller groups).

I reckon more than 30 banks represented, and as many VCs, vendors, and entrepreneurs within the financial industry space.
And a great atmosphere.

So, what’s next:

– Invest in Northern Ireland, one of our delighted sponsor will host an invitation-only networking event beginning of may. Interested to attend? Contact @heathervescent pls!
– We are in full prep mode for Singapore (april 24th) and Belfast (june 14th) our two next competitions: apply now at www.innotribestartup.com
– Interested in becoming a judge? Send your motivation letter to … me. You’ll figure how to get in touch I guess

Stay tuned


Ps below, one of the chat rooms, real quality time !



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