Post Conference Depression Disorder Syndrom – and FTS Awesomeness

How am I going to summarize a whole week of events in single post ?

Barely out from the PCDDS (Post Conference Depression Disorder Syndrom), I can now say it has been an awesome week and my impression is that we only scratched the potential for the Italian eco-system to finally wake up and become relevant.

We started FinTechStage three years ago to see progresses like this one : from a single event to ELEVEN events in a week.
From barely one or two early believers (to whom we will aways be grateful to) to the largest, more prestigious and connected firms sponsoring FinTechStage and actually committing for multiple years.


In this post :

Well, Rome, Milano and Torino happened.
1200 people signed up to the 11 events.
50+ startups applied to the NEXI Challenge.
We have been shooting from the events, here’s a sample of what happens, speaks best than a thousand words.

Here’s the link to all the videos

Rome :

Milano AI :

Milano InsurTech :

Turin, Capital comes to play :

Gellify announcement happened.
We are extremely proud to announce that Gellify Group SPA acquired a majority stake in FinTechStage to help us grow.
Gellify was born from the relentless brilliant mind of my friend Fabio Nalucci, who sold one one of the first analytics companies a couple of years ago and instead of just racing cars (his passion), he decided to go bigger, bolder and at the forefront of Innovation and saw the opportunity to create a new venture.

Gellify is an Innovation builder.
We (I can say “we” already) build companies together with large corporations (already leader in the Industry4.0 in Italy now we start with FinTech and expand internationally).
We invest in startups.
We provide strategic, cutting edge advisory services to incumbents and challengers in the financial services space, and we will grow our eco-system building activities.

Gellify synergies and harmonisation for sure. But this is BAU.
We are hitting the next stage of our Financial Inclusion worldwide series.
Last year, we started with Mozambique, Tanzania and Jakarta, starting with the Regulation meets Innovation angle, and with the support of the Gates Foundation and Omidyar Network.
This year we already went to Lagos and the ground was so fertile that we are doubling down and come back in December.
Our focus on emerging markets continues to grow with an Africa program aimed at building a constellation of eco-systems in a self-sustained way. So if you don’t want to miss the boat, join us in this part of the journey.

We are getting much smarter as well. Because to tackle such a big issue, we need big brilliant guns.
I am immensely proud to announce that Bianca Lopes is joining FinTechStage as an Entrepreneur in Residence to help us focusing on emerging markets but also developing the our Digital Identity vertical.
Digital Identity is step zero of Financial Inclusion, but when we connect it to privacy, data, biometrics and access control it becomes one of the biggest untapped opportunity of the marketplace and our respective networks are absolutely complementary.
Bianca brings her expertise as an entrepreneur who exited three companies already, a solid network in the space and am incredible reputation that brought her in a few lists of 30under30 as well s the top 100 Identity Influencers worldwide by OWI. She has found a landing spot to her world travels, in Barcelona to stay closer to our offices and we are humbled to have her.

I have had the pleasure so organise Sibos like events before, even if only from the content point of view.This felt like one, but with the resources of a startup.
It wasn’t perfect, but the team did an absolute amazing job and certainly stretched to its limits.

Also, we keep building and enlarging our speakers family. Believe you me, I have done few conferences in my life and – recently – most of them as a speaker. There is an incredible difference between sucking your knowledge out in exchange of a paid travel, supposedly pretending is for your personal brand and visibility, and invite someone into a circle and from that moment let the person feel being part of it, and help these connection develop, and be mindful and grateful for that.

Stay tuned


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