Wonder what happened in Perth ?

Perth is a two million village in west Australia, with mild winters and great summer (when is cold over here in Europe, which makes it even more attractive).
I was invited by the IFC to moderate a technology showcase in the context of the preparation meeting for the G20 of the financial ministers.

Some Perthness here ..


A more complete description of these event follows here:

The Responsible Finance Forum is a two-day, invite-only event will focus on Responsible Digital Finance. It will convene industry, government, and private sector leaders to discuss how digital financial services are delivered transparently, fairly, and safely. The RFF V organizers include BMZ/GIZ, CGAP, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IFC, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Better Than Cash Alliance, The MasterCard Foundation, UNCDF and the World Bank. I am on the first panel of the second day, themed “Responsibility in Action” and moderated by Matthew Gamser of the IFC.


The Technology and Innovation for Financial Inclusion Expo (30 Aug) is organized by the SME Finance Forum, in conjunction with the Annual GPFI Plenary and Forum 1-2 September 2014, to showcase some of the promising emerging technology solutions that have the potential to accelerate financial inclusion for households and businesses. This event will offer opportunities to fintechs and other participants to interact directly with G20 representatives and for the G20 representatives to gain exposure to the work of a select group of emerging technology companies. AMP will be the first company to present in this expo.

The Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) Plenary and Forum (http://www.gpfi.org/) on 1st Sept is an annual high-level event which aims to engage a select group of leading private sector innovators, global policymakers, and thinkers to discuss and influence critical aspects of the G20 financial inclusion agenda. This year’s forum will focus on the impact of digital financial services. The widespread adoption of digital payments in all their forms, including international and domestic remittances, can be instrumental in increasing financial inclusion. Moving away from cash to digital financial services can also contribute to the G20’s goals of women’s economic empowerment and inclusive economic growth. I will be on the panel on Innovation, led by the Markets and Payments Systems Subgroup.

Panel with Mark Pesce & C (yes, informal dress code and I took it literally, not that it was a huge effort)


Meet the Startups participating at the event:

Advanced Merchant Payment (AMP), Presenter: Thomas Deluca, CEO
Copsonic, Presenter: Christian Ruiz, COO
KlickEx, Presenter: Robert Bell, CEO
Mantis, Presenter: Harald Hirschhofer, CEO
Oxygen, Presenter: Rajpal Duggal, CEO
Quisk, Presenter: Dan Glessner, Chief Marketing Officer
Ripple: Presenter: Karen Gifford, Chief Compliance Officer
Verde International, Presenter: Patrick Reilly, CEO

Chat rooms for the Startups:


Now, the why …

It s what I would call a very valuable, non conventional financial services network, focused on financial inclusion.
These technology showcase have the purpose to make the public and private sector to meet and exchange, and I humbly added some “speed dating” shale to it, in order to maximise the exposure of the Startups to the crowd.

I loved everything of it, including the very informal beer and drinks in front if the ocean, with. 4000 km beach left and right … At the menu, as written in the welcome note of the bar, “beer, food, friends and sunset”. Just love Australia.



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