2019 in View

I hate the word “resolution” because, in my twisted mind, I don’t want to accept that the changing of a year means something special…which is why I stopped smoking on January 7 a couple of years ago ;)).

Resolutions are mostly superficial and fleeting. And so, I like to go by plans rather than resolutions.

PS the picture is a geek reference to Jack Bauer

Matteo Rizzi_Bratislava_Novathon

Here are are some of the things I plan to do this year:

  • Put some structure in my online presence – I want to separate my personal randomness from my business. I now have a newly redesigned blog explaining what I do. And I definitely don’t want to mix my lasagna with a speech in Lagos. Likewise, I have built a separate Instagram profile @MatteoRizziOfficial for my professional stuff, as well as a separate Facebook Page. Hope you love the Logo as much as I do!

  • Rebrand FinTechStage: In 2019, the goal is to rebrand and reflect more of who we became: a program builder for financial services eco-systems, combining a format, a partnership and a vertical.

  • Financial Inclusion: Our Financial Inclusion Program in Africa with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will enter full swing in the first quarter, and we will be able to share insights soon!

  • Italy: In Italy, we now have TWO large gatherings, one in May (FinTechStage Festival, a brand new website to be launched soon) and #SIOS19 which will showcase the findings and highlights of our programs, which are:

  1. PensionTech: Pension Technology is a hundreds-year-old business in need of digitalization and technology. We are launching the first initiative matching startups and incumbents of this world

  2. PropTech: Real Estate matches Fintech, with few verticals such as Smart Contracts, Big Data, and AI, and – of course – financing and funding.

  3. FinTech for Corporates: The time has come for startups to talk to CFOs and Treasurers of international companies. Some of them have thousands of accounts in hundreds of banks and countries and are in need of innovation in payments, liquidity management, asset management, factoring and more. Opportunity is there, we had an amazing panel at SIOS18 with SWIFT Italian country Manager and the Orange deputy treasurer to kick off the discussion

  4. InsurTech: Building upon last year stream, we are growing our content piece and startup showcase and partners gathering.

  5. Open Banking: This is the year guys. I would not add more if you don’t understand why we have this one as a focus, then you are reading the wrong blog 🙂

  • Venture Partner: I am still keeping my Venture Partner role and investor hat. I wrapped up an excellent 2018 with NEVA FinVentures and there are a couple of new investments to be announced soon! (like, REAL soon)

  • FinTechStage: We will keep its global footprint, Kuala Lumpur is likely to be our first international collaboration in March this year, and we have a few more international programs in the pipeline.

Stay tuned.



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