Italiansonline: 16 Years Of Life, Tears, Love, Encounters, History And Gratitude

We created in 2003 in Paris and back then, we had no idea exactly what it was. For one, we didn’t know that we were creating a social network and that was simply because it was before portals like these started to be labelled as ‘social networks’.

After holding thousands of events with close to 200,000 Italians in over 100 cities and building countless connections and relationships, we unplugged the site. The technology was just too old and we were mostly target for spammers and email robbers.

The love we spread in these years will stay, the friendships that are still lasting will forever be in our memories, and I – personally – will be forever grateful for this amazing adventure.

Here is the link to the article in “Italians” talking about how the online forum started, how far we have come, and gratitude for the journey so far.

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