My Venture Capital week at Sibos Dubai


Not easy to wrap up my first Sibos in my new job, but I will try while (sitting in my Emirates flight back ) I am still awake (I suspect the typical siesta post Sibos party will hit me in no time).

First of all: Innotribe rocked.


I only attended the startup challenge (kind of obviously) and a couple of sessions, but the vibes were clearly there.
The team worked probably 20 hours per day on average for the entire week, and it was hard not to feel guilty for not helping or being with them. The last session, the campfire started with my forever friend Innes playing guitar (yes, playing guitar in a “camp” shaped session) was too hard to attend for me. enough emotions this week.

I was on a very interesting panel, unsuspectedly VERY popular, talking about collaboration and information sharing (and connected companies, and disruption from startups, etc etc). Allevo did a great job in putting this together.
My first panel in my new role. (Pic follows)


So I moved on.

I realized that Sibos is a crossways of different networks, if you know how to navigate amongst them.
The networks I am looking for, now, involve entrepreneurs, start-ups, cities and governments, innovative vendors and obviously other venture capital firms.
There are different forms of being in a VC business, and the one I preach for aims at fostering growth, create sustainable businesses, not speculate on capital iteration based on companies flipping.

Anthemis group organized an AMAZING dinner at floor 123 of the iconic Burg Khalifa. That dinner alone is a post by itself, will follow soon.
Let me still a pic from Scott Bales here:


All of a sudden, the start-up challenge took a totally different angle for me.
Being able to help these entrepreneurs to find the right scale path to the business, seeking opportunities to get them closer to Sberbank products and services team, and of course vet their companies with a VC hat is another game (a fascinating one).
Congrats KlickEx and Waratek, soon a more detailed blog on this too!

Another great discussion that took place in Dubai was about creating start-up ecosystems to help the economic development of the city.
Dubai ran out of oil 35 years ago. Yet, they managed to be one of the wealthiest cities in the world.
I would love to find a model where we can build vertical startup hubs focused in creating job opportunities and access to values creation to the people who dare.

You know why?

To answer this question, let me refer to one of the sessions I attended this year at Innotribe.
John Chavens.
Measuring health, stress, hearth condition through physical devices.
New paradigm.
Ultimately … Looking to measure happiness.

So WHY I want to help to create this Eco-systems?
Because the energy that flows when people are free to express their true self, in an environment that boost their creativity, is viral. Simply, makes that geography a better place.

It feels good. I feel damn good.

stay tuned


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