No Navigo Pass, Venture Partner Role, and Cold Call Tips For Dummies

After my social post yesterday on my new role as a venture partner, ( I received many messages, most of which were from people asking if I was moving to Paris or congratulating me for finally coming back to the corporate life. So I decided to clarify things a bit.

A Venture Partner in a Fund (whether a Corporate Venture Capital or an independent VC) is a role that involves deal flow, connecting, advising and representation in public forums. In some cases, the person is also made part of the investment committee as an external observer or a board member. The keyword here is EXTERNAL. So no SoGe employee Badge (yet, never say never).

On another note, I want to share some advice on how to reach out to the guys on the good side of the money based on how somebody had reached out to me after the post. I believe the answers I gave him towards his questions on “equity and partnership”, will be useful for others.

Dear Xxx,
That LinkedIn post has over 16,000 (now over 24,000) views and I have about 400 messages in my inbox. In your opinion, what are the chances that a message like this has to get an answer?

Have we ever had a proper conversation? I have no idea what company you work for or what it does. You’re in search for equity and partnerships? Great, so are 99.9% of people speaking to VCs.

Here are a few advices on what to do next time:
– Introduce yourself- Send an executive summary and a proper deck- Explain what you need and why SG is the right partner (so that I am convinced you didn’t just write this to everyone else working for any fund)- Show a minimum level of homework: Something around the lines of “I saw what you guys did with MoonShot Internet and love your approach to insurance.”

Okay, I did my free email-to-a-VC free coaching session. 😉

Hope you take it the right way.


I have utmost respect for everyone’s time. I am also guilty for being slow sometimes, but never for ghosting (I hope so at least). I would rather say “not now, please come back next year” than make someone keep chasing me. Of course, fate and timing plays a huge role as well, but let’s always be mindful that everyone deserves attention even if it is just to say “no, thank you.”

PS: The guy responded to me and he is actually pretty cool!

Stay tuned


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