SWIFT and past life vintage souvenirs …

Cleaning up my desk, I found some souvenirs telling a story, and I really wanted to share it.
The first two pictures are about swiftcommunity.net

This is the “social” promotion we did @ Sibos in Boston 2007, where we ordered 2000 Mint Boxes of four different colours, each one representing the four key elements of the URL (including the “dot”).
The game consisted in finding a “team” with the four colours represented, and by going to the swiftcommunity.net stand (a little better designed than a phone cabin, but I still found it so cute) the four people would receive a gift. It symbolised the networking aspect of the web2.0 platform, and a quite unusual experience for the attendees of the conference.

Here’s probably the LAST mint box remained:


And here’s a very vintage CD with the SWIFTcommunity video (see the YouTube one, but it’s way too long, just watch the intro if you fancy it).

Please note the “you to the power of SWIFT” logo… Another not aligned detail 🙂

It’s a 4 minute video, an eternity, but hey – we needed to teach 2007 bankers how to use a web2.0 platform and giving the questions we got afterwards (I should have recorded some of them) I don’t think we were too pedagogical
Logo was not aligned with the SWIFT branding, but still .. hard work (Thanks Rachel and Kevin, BTW, it was fun!)


On a way more remote (and remote to SWIFT as well) I found another piece of history.
My FIRST electronic address book. 10K capacity.
I sold close to 5 Million EUR (at that time, 10 billion Italian Liras) of hardware networking equipment using just that and a Nokia device (remember, the one who looked like a black brick).


I guess I wanted to share it just because, before all gets into the garbage, I still can refer to it (and – remember – my kids one day will looked at it like true pre-history!)

Stay tuned


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