Your fragility is your ultimate power

I had a chat with one of my volleyball mates, yesterday evening, after a very cool match with my team.
I know him for 7 months now, never really had a proper conversation. When you grow old(er), you don t often dare to share more than akin deep stuff with people who cannot put things in context because they know you well already.
Somehow we both did, for a couple of drinks, and on my way back home I wrote a “passion for kindness” sentence in a self-mail, because I wanted to talk about this.
We (I) spend a lot of time showing self assurance, power, unconditioned richness of resources (not financial, but emotional) and at the end, your true self stays behind.
Your fragility is actually your true force, but you don’t share it unless you feel is welcomed, “apprivoisee” ( you guys find a French-English dictionary now) because it puts you at risk.
Well, I tasted that risk yesterday, and told myself I need to do it more often. Because it feels good.
Is not about sharing pain, is not about “if we are both down it feels less down”.
At all.
And none of us was yesterday, neither.
Is about the true discovery of a person in all his richness, and the good vibes it generates. And requires to reach out.
My friend and colleague Peter told me recently: do not ask “how are you?” but “what do you want to achieve and how can I help you?”: well I think I got it.
This is also a thank you post to my world scattered, diverse, male and female friends who know me for who I am, or at least for who I want to be.
They know who they are.
And If one day my kids will ever read my blog (god knows) I hope they will do two things:
– say to themselves they do have relationships like this around
– with a smile in their faces, think of their father as one of them

Stay tuned



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