February 2017 – Talking about FinTech, blockchain and identity
CEO of Blockverify, Pavlo Tanasyuk interviews Matteo Rizzi, Omidyar Network. Talking about fintech, blockchain and future of identity. London 2017.


October 2016 – FinTechStage, tecnologia applicata alla finanza.
Una nuova azienda negli spazi dell’ex convento dell’Annunziata.

FinTechStage, tecnologia applicata alla finanza. Una nuova azienda negli spazi dell’ex convento dell’Annunziata


October 2016 – FinTech Stage at BAI Beacon, Chicago, USA
Want to see the 1st session of the U.S. debut of @FinTechStage? View Game of Fintech Thrones here :


October 2016 – La FinTech Revolution arriva al salone dei pagamenti
Matteo Rizzi, fondatore di FintechStage e tra i 40 professionisti del Fintech più influenti d’Europa secondo Financial News, presenta le principali sessioni del Salone dedicate al mondo del Fintech e delle start-up.


April 2016 – INNOVATE FINANCE, London, UK
Corporate Venture Capital Panel : Is CVC the new smart money ? The advantages of this form of investment over traditional VC funding.


November 2015 – WOLVES SUMMIT, Warsaw (Poland)
The path to Fintech greatness


September 2015 – FINPYME FORUM, Medellin (Columbia)
The alternative finance revolution : adapting to the new wave of financial innovation.


June 2015 – GALA GOLDEN-I, Luxembourg
Retour en images sur l’édition 2015 du gala rassemblant les professionnels de l’ICT et concocté au Casino 2000 de Mondorf par IT Nation.


Coaching sessions through the eyes of the coaches


April 2015 – Panel discussion on FinTech global trends
On TBS eFM 101.3MHz – English speaking South Korean radio – Primetime, current affairs program.


March 2015 – FINTECH STAGE, Milan
As Co-Founder : la prima edizione italiana, nella sede milanese di Unicredit, del format internazionale per fare networking sull’innovazione nel mondo del credito e della finanza.


FinTech, la rivoluzione dei servizi bancari


Alla UniCredit Tower start-up protagoniste con FinTechStage


December 2014 – CAPITAL ON STAGE, London
As General Partner, SBT Venture Capital, VC pitch.


July 2014 – Growth of the London Fintech community
As General Partner, SBT Venture Capital, talks to Streets Consulting about the growth of the London fintech community and the challenges it faces.


February 2012 – What is Innotribe ?
As Organizer – Background and objecitves of the NYC Incubator session.


December 2009 – What is Innovation ?
As Innovation Manager @SWIFT – Brief interactions at the SWIFT Business Forum.


Collaboration in Innovation :


Views on Security :


Newer technologies, such as social networking :


Standardisation brings opportunity to expanded business :