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Matteo is one of the most recognized and respected faces in the FinTech industry globally with plenty of accolades. He has over 20 years of expertise and deep connections amongst global banks executives, startups and investors.


Deepening the Financial Sector

Let’s advance the dialogue and make progress from the Financial Inclusion angle. How the underbanked and the unbanked became the biggest opportunity for incumbents and Fintechs to tap on.

Talent & Rebels

If you hire the same talents, you will end up in places where someone else has been before. Rebels and Innovators are often misguided, isolated and pushed away by large organizations. Matteo has been an Intrapreneur and an Innovator for the past two decades, and love to share his view on how to deal with misfits in your organization.

Dealing with FinTech Startups

Investing in Fintech startups and advising organizations on how to best deal with startups, creating the right collaboration environment.

Investment and FinTech Trends

Often, executives of large organizations want to have a snapshot of the market, investment, and tech trends within the banking and insurance market. Having kept an investor hat for the past seven years, Matteo has first-eye insights constantly in the financial services marketplace

Building Eco-systems; the Game of FinTech Thrones

Building strong financial eco-systems is key in every society. Matteo believes that the ingredients for a healthy and productive Fintech Eco-system are: government polices, startups community catalyzed, capital, and talent.

Happy Customers

Cloud computing subscription model out of the box proactive solution.

More insights into Matteo's talks


  • Interview With HR One

    Still on the Talents and Rebels movement, here’s an excerpt of the interview I had with HR One talking about how “Rebels Can Anticipate Disruption Of Your Business.” How do “rebels” differ from traditional “talents”? The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Point is, a rebel is a particular kind of talent who – in […]

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    Memories From Kampala

    The second event was held in Kampala, Uganda just last week on the 6th of November (the first took place the week before in Nairobi, and 140 entrepreneurs attended a very crowded session), and I got more than I came for. The training as on “How to Pitch to Investors” and we had over […]

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  • Updates on Timepledge.Org

    I am humbled that you reacted really positively to the idea I wrote about just a few weeks ago on LinkedIn. Here’s what has happened since then: (1) We have a logo and a website (which I hope will be live by the time you read this post) (2) We have some 20+ coaches […]

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    Next Engagements

    Find me at The Sibos 2019 conference (@sibos #sibos19) The conference will take place at ExCeL London between 23 & 26 September. On Monday 23rd of September, I will be speaking at The IDco event (@The_IDco): “Leveraging Data in the Financial Sector” with Lazaro Campos, James Varga (@jamesvarga), Imran Gulamhuseinwala (@imrangulam), and Andrew Grill (@AndrewGrill). […]

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