Programs galore; definitely on the right path

We are definitely on the right path with our assigned programs for the year at FinTechStage.

Here are some of the things we are on track with:

  • Dubai and Sao Paolo calling this week. I had a meeting with a global bank in Dubai and I am speaking at another internal event for the future CXOs of another global bank in Brasil.
  • As you know by now, we can explain FinTechStage with an equation:

Format+Content+Partnership = Program

The aim of this formula is to spread the knowledge of Fintech around the world and to set up strategic and beneficial partnerships in the eco-system.

FinTechStage being a Program Builder in the financial eco-system; PensionTech, PropTech, Fintech for Corporates, InsurTech, and Open Banking. You can find out more here

  • Here is one example of something we proposed to this global bank we met in Dubai: Make a program bridging their UNWI with startups and innovation using a specific delivery channel and presentation mechanism, so that we create a different value proposition for their investment strategy. Something similar has been done by EDB
  • This reinforces the thesis of us keep trying to transform the ways value is delivered to customers through innovation of formats and partnerships as well.
  • Am I giving out this idea for free? No, ideas are worthless without the execution strategy, and I have seen so many attempts made out of a thin air. I am proud of having the privilege to work with people who are innovation pioneers in this space
  • Another example, here in Dubai: I think we could run the best PropTech program EVER in this town, with DAMAC and a couple of large institutions and insurers, maybe and my friend Dan and calling the best entrepreneurs on earth.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is damac-towers-by-paramount-hotels-resorts-dubai-1098-12717-1024x559.jpg

Image Credit: DAMAC
  • DAMAC is an award-winning and globally recognized luxury real estate leader. The company is committed to delivering luxury living experiences across more than the 100 million square feet of master communities.

The program is ready, the format is ready, content is in front of everybody’s eyes. Let’s make it happen?

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