Highlights from the New York Innotribe Challenge

Sorry for the delay, I have been caught in a number of other events (like Innotribe Start up Disrupt in Madrid, the first experiment of a co-branded Innotribe event focused on Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, for which a dedicated blog is due soon).
As a preview, this is a picture from the coaching day, where the nine startups showed up and made us think that the the idea was a good one.


In case some of you missed it, these are the last finalists that will fly to Dubai:


P2P Cash, a safe mobile system that lowers money transfer price to zero by using SWIFT standards to enable cash to get delivered or obtained from just about any mobile wallet or lender accounts world- wide. P2P Cash is first-to-market with a VISA clearing and settlement strategy creating a worldwide standard to meet the needs of the under-banked in emerging markets.
Realty Mogul, an advanced net system which permits traders to display, search and sign rare property opportunities which are historically hard to get.
XYverify, a practically “undetectable” mobile transaction authentication option that protects consumers, retailers and fin ancial institutions from id theft and trade-related breaches.


Quantum4d, visual analytic software that allows users to access large-scale data systems, andconstruct, edit and explore interlinked 3D arenas and workspaces intuitively.
The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab, an automated service that has helped companies and lenders in more than 20 countries to identify high potential, credit-worthy entrepreneurs based on a psychometric system, while reducing their default rates and risks

What else to add…
We are now into the Sibos logistic, flight arrangement, hotel bookings, and doing the same for the winner of the Madrid challenge (LICUOS, you will hear soon about them).

I think it s a good moment to thank Nektarios and Ioana for mastering the production of the challenge (here the happy bunnies pic during the Singapore challenge, as a souvenir)


A special mention as well for our great SWIFT colleagues in NYC who helped us greatly from the beginning to the (dismantling the room) very end.
One of them defined it “the longest, heaviest, and best day of work I had at SWIFT”!

Courtesy of Ioana, the traditional all round picture of the amazing view from the very same window of the room where the competition took place.


Stay tuned


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