Belfast: an unprecedented networking experience. Let me tell you why and how!

@innotribe Belfast, we used the expression “an unprecedented networking experience” and I d like to explain you why.
When you interview people attending conferences and ask WHY they attend, the buzzword is “to network” … But what if you don t know anybody, you are simply not an extrovert, or if – beside coffee break – you have no real chance to meet people?

In general, to connect you need three element: the topic you want to connect (the what) the person to share that topic (the who) and the platform to connect (the how). The why seems logic, right?

What we will do in Belfast (13 and 14 June) on day one, after the first day of conference and the visit of the Titanic Expo, is facilitate the 3 pillars of networking.

We have selected five locations (pubs, basically, in Belfast there is no shortage of them) , all walking distance one from another, and we will assign one or more topic per location, with a couple of “host” (from our speakers, typically, but also from the Innotribe network in general) making sure that people will gather together and meet.

Through a mobile app then, you will be able to follow/enter the different conversations and eventually move to the place to join the other groups.

This, together with the Innotribe design, the welcoming nature of Northern Ireland, and quality of the speakers we brought together, is what I would call an unprecedented networking experience.

You can register on and using the code GROUPIE12 you can get a significant discount on the conference fee.

The agenda is online at

See you in a bit more that a couple of weeks!

Stay tuned


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