Innotribe Start-up challenge, Osaka calling!

It has been a while since my last blog, and very soon you will get the reason for all that busy-ness (the beauty of blogging is that I can invent words).
As a short preview, I’m super busy in building the next blocks of the Innotribe Incubator, and I do hope to be able to announce it how soon.

Today I’d like to do a little celebration blog for the achievement of the last phase of the Innotribe Start-up challenge.
Like a triathlon, we have now the list of the final 15 (for the Battlestar Galactica followers, this sounded so much as the Final5 Cylons) that will showcase @Osaka during the 4 weeks away Sibos Conference.

Let’s start with the list of the companies, in the two categories, that made to the final pitch:

Growth Stage Start-ups

Gust –
Lenddo –
OpenGamma –
Pendo Systems –
The Currency Cloud –

Early Stage Start-ups

Claveo Software –
DemystData –
Digital Shadows –
Funding Options Ltd –
NestEgg –
P2P Cash Technology­ –
PhotoPay –
PlayMoolah –
Snappay –
XYverify Corp. –

An interesting note is that, in average, 30% of the Innotribe Start-ups who participated in our challenges (starting from Sibos in Toronto last year) have been either funded or – in one case – bought (see Truaxis story ).

So in one year from now, let’s see what happens to this wave.
Let me remind you one again that the Grand Finale of the start-up challenge @Sibos is on Thursday at 1215 PM, and attendance is open to the Sibos delegates.
All participants will be entitled to vote for the winners, and among the early stage pitchers we will issue a 50K USD prize.

Stay tuned!


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