The common misunderstanding(s) of Innotribe

I have been blog-silent for a while, deepening my thoughts in the clear
waters of Sestri Levante, my home town, and coming back to work I jumped Into an healthy thinking process of the Innotribe mission.

This is the place I was born: the isthmus is a beautiful metaphors of two sides of the same sea with different nature and environment, beautifully co-existing.


It s time now for Innotribe V2, after three years of brand and network
building, where many of the Innotribe pillars (the Events, the Incubator,
the Enablers, the Proof of Concept) contributed to change the perception of
SWIFT as a catalyst for innovation in the financial industry.

Talking to one of my friends (and colleague) one sentences opened my mind: probably the success measures of Innotribe were not well stated At the
Many people at SWIFT would say “Innotribe is about making new
products for SWIFT where are they?”
Using this as the sole metrics to assess
the impact (and in worse cases the need even) of Innotribe itself.

In fact, Innotribe did some of that too.
Mystandards (, now in commercialization phase,
and Digital Asset Grid (prototyping, you ll all see at Sibos in Osaka) are
two concrete projects Innotribe has fostered (with different scale and
scope, but both using the innovation assets SWIFT put in place) .

The MAIN achievement of Innotribe is not this one. And this leads – sometime
– to the biggest misunderstanding.

Innotribe brought a new set of tools, interaction mechanisms, trends,
entrepreneurship capabilities, human network, start-up Eco-system
proximity, facilitation techniques, that simply did not exist before at
SWIFT, and even very little in the largest majority of the financial
industry (the one closer to the SWIFT environment).

This is as intangible as fundamental for … the survival of SWIFT itself
(hey, it s my blog, my opinion).

You don t need to be a futurist to spell out that the messaging model has a
declining trend in terms of price and technology, and SWIFT needs not only
to continue doing what it does with the well known resilience and security,
but cope as well with reducing the cost for the community as per its
cooperative nature.

So, by definition, SWIFT need to experiment, expand horizons, explore, and do better and cheaper what he it does already.
This is where I see the mission of Innotribe.

So why V2?

Because it s time now to eat our own food.

Time to apply the tools and capabilities to help innovating AS WELL closer
to the SWIFT core. And we are right now all busy in find out the best way to
do it.

This time, let s be smarter in agreeing what the metrics and the success
factors will be.

To innovate in a cooperative space, we better find them, as long as we are
spending community money, and working for (the survival of) a shared

Stay Tuned


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