The Grand Finale of the start up Challenge

There are zillions of articles and blogs about the Innotribe Start-up Challenge finals @ Sibos in Osaka, so you all know playMoolah and Gust won.
Let me put here, for reference, the Banking Technology article.

The reason I wanted to blog about it is not the news, but the vibes and the way forward.

First of all, the challenge put together a beautifully crowded room, our Innotribe tent, and – not only because it was the last day – the air you could breath in the room was special.
I felt very proud for what we achieved.
Kudos to Nektarios (@nekliolios) for having put so much energy, wisdom and structure to the Challenge during the whole program.

What we achieved?

Well, I would start by a number of financial industry professionals feeling something different, sparkling, intellectually challenging, and simply worth to take off line in conversations that will lead – I am positive – in business opportunities.

Also,the Innotribe start-up challenge generated over 120 M EUR in VC funding or in acquisitions, if we take into the account the participants to last year challenge in Toronto.
And this is not what matters. It s just a number.
The fact that Playmoolah (even before Osaka) struck a deal with OCBC and integrated their program in all the branches of the bank in Singapore, for example, is what makes us proud. And willing to do more.

What is more?
Let me share the objectives for the 2013 challenge.
We will of course run the Challenge again, with London, New York and Singapore as designated locations.
The opportunity is to leverage the Challenge in other locations, with specific innovation themes and in specific Eco-systems. Think Africa for Mobile or Latin America for Remittances. Our network is not as strong there as in the rest of the world, but trough the Challenge we would open the door to innovators, VCs and FI professionals.

The call for judges Is open as well.
Go on and register with your LinkedIn account. We would love you to get the word out as well as helping Innotribe in screening the best and brightest.

Stay tuned



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