Six weeks into 2018 and clearly the pace has not slowed down at all.
I need to be more mindful of making sure I so share what we do and probably learn how to discipline myself.
I promise to keep making good excuses for not to (discipline myself:))

Clearly, beginning of the year has been a great start for our emerging markets work, with FinTechStage Lagos and the Cairo conference.

Few facts about Lagos conference :
– we had over 400 people in Lagos, found a new FinTech family, they treated us as such
– the Central Bank is not only very progressive but conscious they have a critical role in the eco-system, development, and looks like they are willing to let us come in and help
– the pan-african banks, once they find a coordinated way to process innovation and give support and space to the startups, they will become unstoppable
– plenty of good entrepreneurs, but lot of coaching needed
– entrepreneurship culture has to be structured in a way to attract capital
– there are only three FinTech associations across Africa. looks like a good point to start, to build more
we launched something like an Africa Fintech Council. Basically a group of bright minds from different countries and belonging to different stakeholders with the shared objective to contaminate Africa with Fintech innovation vibes.(and investments, regulation policies, startup challenges, banks initiatives, API marketplaces and so on)

Few facts about Egypt conference :
– first time I see a Central bank taking the lead on Fintech in such a bold way, ever
– the Governor kicks asses. And stated his door is open to anyone who wants to bring Innovation in the country
1st ever Fintech challenge in the region and everyone stated it should be 10x bigger and wants more
– there are bankers (especially my friend Dante Campione CEO of Alex Bank, IntesaSanPaolo Group) who are using Fintech to change the bank, with tangible results. (fyi Alex Bank is TOP 10 WORLDWIDE per number of fan on social channels)
– the eco-system is now ready for a catalyst. We are on the case.

The amazing reality is that when we explain what FinTechStage mission is and where we come from and the type of engagements we have been involved in, everyone gets it.
Which is why there are a number of opportunities we are working on after these two events :
FinTechStage Lagos 2018, v2, bigger, catalysing even more the eco-system (and with another gathering of Council Minds, which we will reunite in other places as well)
– we are working with the Morocco Central Bank to bring a regulators-innovators dialogue (stay tuned)
there are at least 3 more countries we will work with, along the same lines

Wort to mention, the great event the two brother Avranas built in Dubai, the MagniFinTech 7 : loved the format, the vibes and the way it has been delivered.

No time to rest, because (and you probably notice that from the social tam-tam) FinTechStage Luxembourg is coming (#FTSLUX18 follow the thread) and we were crazy enough to shoot for a FinTechStage Festival in Rome, Milan and Turin from 7 to 11 of May 2018 (#FTSItaly18), and there are at least three events I am speaking at before (like the Lisbon Summit in Cascais, Innovate Finance Global Summit and the Future Blockchain Conference in Dubai).

Find here the announcement of the Festival :


I will end this scattered post explaining the hashtag quote, from my friend Viola Llewellyn, whom I have seen only once but I already admire, cherish and support in everything she does : #thisaintyourgranddaddysAfrica

Africa is to me the highest potential FinTech Innovation opportunity in the whole world.
And by far the coolest 🙂

Stay Tuned


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