FinTechStage Festival 2018 #FTSFest18 you can’t miss it !

The truth about FinTechStage Festival 2018 ?
The last 10 minutes of the 2017 edition, I asked Maaike, who managed the whole running order, speakers and agenda, to put a last slide about a FinTech Week 2018, with Roma, Milano and Torino. Just because I felt Italy was now ready for it and also because it was fair to show that Milan was not the exclusive financial center of the country.

One slide.
No context. No plan.
That was exactly 1 year ago.
The team looked at me like “yeah, who cares, nobody will ever remember anyway, we can back track anytime and that made it looked like whatever you say boss, let’s wrap it up this year which was already two days instead of one!”.

Well, it’s happening.

Next May 7th-10th.
Three Locations : Rome, Milan, Turin – that was right.
11 events in 4 days – that was unexpected.
An AMAZING line up of partners – that was wished for and we are extremely proud.
40+ speakers from all over the world – that we usually do.
ONE startup challenge – not the usual one. The winner gets exposure and enablement to 700000 POS in Italy.

All events are open to the public and you can subscribe here.

There is ONE event, the one in Turin, which link is not public yet, you can find it here, hosted by Intesa Sanpaolo and Neva FinVentures, their FinTech fund.

Also, this year are partnering with StartupItalia! and I want to praise the amazing work they are doing to make this #FTSFest18 amazing!

Stay tuned


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