Helping changing lives, humbly, one life at the time

Days ago I had a surprising call with someone who has read my book Talents&Rebels and reached out, simply because she got inspired and with her family, they are thinking of a big life change, possibly even moving to Lisbon, living two very good paid salaries in London.

We never spoke before, and spent close to an hour talking, exchanging on what does it mean to live in Lisbon, change life altogether, and more.
She mentioned she knew of me before reading my book because the Head of Talent and Skills of a very large (like, one of the biggest) media companies in Paris had my book on his desk when she was working for that firm.Thank you for the lesson. You know who you are. I am really grateful.

Quick lessons learned here:

  • I don’t need scale, even inspiring ONE person means a lot to me;
  • my book might have landed some of the people’s desk in a way that they might consider to be more open, inclusive and welcoming towards different type to talents;
  • your presence, focus, willingness to help, and the “how can I help you achieve your goals” attitude eventually will bring you a long way. If you are sincere.

Thank you for the lesson. You know who you are.

I am really grateful.

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