In a path to the best me at # 50Shapes!

I have recently watched an amazing talk of Stephen Duneier.*

The mantra he keeps repeating is “take small, incremental steps to improve the odds of achieving a goal, even the most ambitious one”.

What Stephen did made me think a lot. Given how busy work and life can be, it’s often easy to get lost in the long to do lists, focus on the end of the journey and forget to step out of your comfort zone. After all, it’s easier to be on auto pilot!

This year, I started the year by meditating. Instead of the usual new years that most of us can relate to have experienced. Where I want to practice and hold myself to a very different mindset with regards to what “achievement” means. Where the opinion of others doesn’t matter, at all.

So I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and created an accountability small, but incremental measure.

It’s my #50Shapes journey.
Some of you might have noticed I sometimes use a IG hashtag #50shapes.

This is going to be a way I find myself accountable to be open to experimentation.
And not in the immediate pursuit of a result. Or worried about what others will think.

But in a journey to improve the odds for the greatest version of me that I can set my mind to.

One of the biggest things I will pursue and discover, its experimentation. Because after all, how can you get anywhere if you don’t fail and try a few times ?

My experimentations will be both with “external experiences” (like Cross Fit, Kite Surfing or different forms of solo traveling or more books writing, just to name a few).
Or other experimentations on my own body as a sandbox (Intermittent fasting, Detox Juice diet, Meditation and many more).

So if you have ideas, or want to share your experiments, please step out of your comfort zone cause I am listening!

And if not, no problem… just Stay tuned #50Shapes.


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