Timepledge.Org: Everyone’s Opportunity To Give Back

** Note: This is an idea I am sharing with the community first to get feedback, co-founders and additional input **

You know Doctors Without Borders right? 

I want to build Entrepreneurs Without Borders as a way for EVERYONE to give back.

The name I’ve been working on for this purpose is “TimePledge (registered timepledge.org)”, which is essentially a platform that allows business leaders, experts, and really anybody who has something to offer to startups and entrepreneurs  to give back seamlessly in a safe, not for profit environment.

There would be three categories in the platform:

1) Entrepreneurs and Startups 

They are the ones seeking for expertise, from strategy to personal orientation, from hiring strategy to VC pitching, from product development to a term sheet negotiation. They can post their request on the platform willing for a pledger or a group of pledgers to match. Only a startup or an entrepreneur can apply for free help, and there will be a freemium model to sustain the platform. 

2) Pledgers

Experts from all backgrounds who are willing to spend their TIME with entrepreneurs and startups FOR FREE. Travel and Accomodation expenses will be either paid by the platform (funded by donors or sponsors) or already included as part of a speaking gig they already have in the area.  If an extension of of their trip is required, TPO (TimePledge.Org) should also cover accommodation and the same applies to ticket changes.

3) Sponsors

Finally, organizations, venture funds, NGOs, and private sector players who are willing to sponsor pledgers cost or tailored missions. An example of this is a 3-day entrepreneur pitch class in an incubator in Nairobi, Kenya.

Donations can crowdfund a specific project (as requested by a specific organization), contribute to the T&E generic bucket, or support the TPO organization which will include operations and salaries. All of which are based in Africa – one country at a time.

Because it is important for everybody to be a part of this project, here are a few things I am unsure of and would require your contribution:


– How can we make it attractive on a for-profit basis? Should we or should it be solely a non-profit organization?

I was thinking of some sort of a token system, as an appreciation given by the trainees, and maybe the token can be redeemed by organisations willing to pay for the time of the pledgers (thanks Efi Pylarinou for the tip)

– Should it come with a freemium model where startups and entrepreneurs pay even a little for specific services?

(Ameya Upadhyay from Flourish Ventures suggested it)

– Should we Implement as well a recurring “coaching time” which is really way more effective than a one off mission? Or should it be one where some parts of it are done remotely?

Share your thoughts.

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